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Syrian Revolution

Opposition Forces Step up Training amid Regime and Russian Escalation

In recent weeks, opposition military factions in the Idlib region, northwestern Syria, have intensified military training on all types of weapons while Turkish forces...

Field report: 11th revolution anniversary celebration.


Syrians Celebrate 11 Years of Defiance against Assad

Today, marks the 11th anniversary of the Syrian Revolution as thousands of Syrians all across the liberated areas went out to demonstrate and celebrate...

Podcast 09 – The untold casualty of Assad’s war: The Higher Education Sector

https://soundcloud.com/levant-24/podcast-9-the-untold-casualty-of-assads-war-the-higher-education-sector?utm_source=clipboard&utm_medium=text&utm_campaign=social_sharing In this podcast, we are joined by two English literature professors from Idlib and Shemal University, Abdurahman al-Khateeb and Husam Maksour. We discuss the effects...

Podcast 01: A Revolution for Dignity | Omar Suwaid

https://soundcloud.com/levant-24/podcast-01-a-revolution-for-dignity-omar-suwaid   https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=7ymjwPuu2gA

10 years of Syrian revolution

For the few last days, I've been pondering over the early days of the Syrian revolution. An independent, honorable revolution. Ten years of revolution...

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