WHO also cited acute hunger and desperation throughout the war-torn Gaza. (AFP)

• Palestinian President Mahmoud Abbas characterizes the situation in Gaza as beyond a war of annihilation.

• Israel expands its ground offensive into central Gaza refugee camps.

• Six Palestinians, including a 17-year-old boy, are killed in a drone strike during an Israeli raid on a refugee camp in the western West Bank.

• An Israeli air raid flattens a residential building in Rafah, Gaza, resulting in casualties. Al Jazeera reports a terrifying scene with ambulances and civil defense teams conducting rescue operations.

• During a call between US Secretary of Defense Lloyd Austin and Israeli Minister of Defense Yoav Gallant, they discuss preparations for the stabilization phase post-major combat operations. The US reiterates resolve to ensure Israel’s security, protect Gaza’s civilians, and accelerate humanitarian assistance.

• Hamas official Osama Hamdan reports at least 300 killed in recent Israeli attacks on Gaza. He describes a dire situation in northern Gaza, urging aid from Arab nations and the international community. The situation in northern Gaza has reached a point where people are “dying because [they are] starving, including women, children and elderly citizens”. Hamdan asserts that Israel’s goal of eliminating Hamas will vanish before the people’s steadfastness and resistance.


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