Palestinian mother grieves over the death of her family due to Israeli bombardment in the Gaza Strip, outside the mortuary in Rafah. AP Photo-Fatima Shbair

• Fierce fighting between Palestinian fighters and Israeli troops in southern Khan Younis results in the leveling of entire neighborhoods in Gaza.

• Israeli forces have killed 30 Palestinians in the West Bank this year, including seven children, with a total of 507 Palestinians killed last year, marking the highest annual death toll since 2005, as reported by the UN agency OCHA.

• Gaza experiences the longest sustained telecoms blackout on record, lasting over 72 hours, likely limiting visibility into events on the ground, according to cybersecurity watchdog Netblocks.

• The Norwegian Refugee Council calls the situation in Gaza the “worst humanitarian crisis faced by any civilian population this century,” emphasizing the high death toll among Palestinian children and urging an immediate and sustained ceasefire.

• A poll by the Palestinian Center for Policy and Survey Research indicates that the Gaza war has boosted Hamas’s popularity in both Gaza and the West Bank, leading to a decline in support for the Palestinian Authority and a rise in support for armed struggle in the West Bank.

• One-off strikes in Yemen targeting Houthi installations won’t significantly diminish their ability to attack ships in the Red Sea, according to analyst Omar Rahman, who criticizes the US and UK for not addressing the broader crisis, including the situation in Gaza.

• Protests erupt in Cyprus against the alleged use of UK military bases, specifically Akrotiri, for arming Israel and supporting its actions in Gaza during the conflict.


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