A woman rests next to a damaged building, as Palestinians arrive in Rafah after they were evacuated from Nasser hospital in Khan Younis due to the Israeli ground operation in the southern Gaza Strip, Feb 15, 2024. [Photo/Agencies]
• High Palestinian Casualties in Gaza-Israel Conflict

Israel’s attacks on Gaza since October 7 have resulted in a significant death toll of at least 28,663 Palestinians and wounded 68,395 individuals. In contrast, the death toll in Israel from Hamas-led attacks on the same date stands at 1,139, indicating a stark imbalance in casualties between the two sides.

• Israeli Government Rejects Discussion on Palestinian Statehood

A spokesperson for the Israeli government dismissed discussions about Palestinian statehood in light of a reported plan by the US and Arab allies, emphasizing the need for a focus on defeating Hamas. Avi Hyman stated that it’s not the time for concessions to Palestinians, especially as the Palestinian Authority has yet to condemn the October 7 attacks, prioritizing what he termed as “total victory over Hamas.”

• Disturbing Conditions in Gaza’s Al Nassr Pediatric Hospital

Alarming footage emerged depicting the decomposing bodies of premature infants at Al Nassr Pediatric Hospital in Gaza City, following an Israeli siege on the hospital. Dr. Mohammed Hamouda recounted how the hospital was forced to evacuate under siege conditions, leaving behind critically ill patients who subsequently perished due to lack of care. The situation is dire, with Gaza’s medical facilities facing severe capacity challenges and imminent fuel shortages, endangering the lives of patients, including those reliant on respirators and incubators.

• Escalating Tensions Along Lebanon-Israel Border

Lebanese reports indicate Israeli military actions targeting villages near the border, including gunfire in Kfar Kila and airstrikes in Bilda, with casualties unspecified. Tensions along the Lebanon-Israel border have escalated, resulting in significant civilian and Hezbollah fighter casualties in Israeli attacks, marking Lebanon’s deadliest day since the onset of the Gaza conflict.

• Houthi Group’s Actions in the Gulf of Aden

The Houthi group claimed responsibility for targeting a UK bulk carrier in the Gulf of Aden, asserting their blockade on Israeli navigation until a ceasefire is achieved and the Gaza siege is lifted. This action reflects ongoing regional solidarity with Gaza and resistance against Israeli actions, extending beyond the immediate conflict zone.

• Humanitarian Crisis in Gaza Described by Relief Organization

Joyce Ajlouny of the American Friends Service Committee described the dire humanitarian situation in Gaza as “enormous and truly catastrophic,” highlighting difficulties in providing aid due to bureaucratic hurdles and limited access. She expressed concerns about the potential exacerbation of starvation and the humanitarian crisis in Rafah, underscoring the urgent need for international assistance and intervention.

• UNRWA Reports Extensive Damage to Gaza’s Health Facilities

The UN Palestinian refugee agency UNRWA reported extensive damage to Gaza’s health facilities, with 84% affected by attacks, highlighting the widespread destruction of civilian infrastructure. Shocking visuals of devastation underscore the urgent need for humanitarian support, emphasizing the dire circumstances faced by Gaza’s population amid ongoing conflict.

• Lula da Silva Condemns Israeli Actions and Calls for Peace

Former Brazilian President Luiz Inacio Lula da Silva condemned Israel’s actions as disproportionate and indiscriminate during a meeting with Egyptian President Abdel Fattah el-Sisi. Lula emphasized the necessity of a Palestinian state for achieving peace, called for an immediate ceasefire to allow humanitarian aid into Gaza, and criticized the UN for its failure to resolve international conflicts, advocating for reforms including Palestine’s full membership.


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