Hezbollah is recruiting dozens of locals to protect the oil convoys in Badia, Homs

May 2, 2021

The Lebanese “Hezbollah” militia recently launched a campaign to recruit young men in the countryside of Homs, with the aim of sending them to the Badia (desert) region to protect oil convoys.

According to “Syria TV”, quoting local sources: “The Hezbollah militia began to recruit people from the eastern and southern countryside of Homs.” It added that the party sends the new recruits to the Badia region to protect the oil convoys from ISIS attacks.

“Hezbollah” is following the method of material temptation, taking advantage of the deteriorating living conditions to recruit young people there, by offering the recruits up to 200 thousand Syrian pounds.

The site also stated that the number of people who have been recruited during the past two months has reached more than 200, pointing out that a drug dealer named Hassan Odeh is the one who leads the recruitment process.

The Iranian militias suffered heavy losses in the Badia region in Homs, compelling them to recruit local elements in exchange for large sums of money and sending them to this dangerous area, which has become a nightmare for them.


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