Russia is building a mercenary army from Syrians to fight its proxy wars

Russian forces began organizing a new campaign to recruit young Syrians from Deir Ezzor Governorate, under the auspices of the 5th Corps, to use them in military missions outside Syria.

The 5th Corps militia has recently completed registering the names of young men willing to fight as mercenaries alongside Russian forces outside the borders of Syria.

According to “Eyes of Euphrates”, the recruitment campaign began two months ago and has attracted more than 150 young people so far. Some of those willing who have signed up, are members and leaders of the National Defense Militia and the 5th Corps.

Activists say that Russia is taking advantage of the economic situation and the difficult living conditions in the regime-controlled areas, to recruit young Syrians to fight on several foreign fronts, most notably Armenia, Libya, and Ukraine.

Last week, two Russian planes landed at Hmeimim airbase carrying the bodies of 11 Syrian mercenaries, recruited by Moscow to fight with Haftar in Libya against its legitimate government.


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