Iranian militias under constant threat in the region of Homs

Assad’s forces found the bodies of 13 soldiers near the “Arak” oil field in the eastern countryside of Homs on Saturday. The group which consisted of 30 soldiers belonging to an Iranian militia had lost contact with its central command in the desert of Palmyra two days prior.

On Friday evening, as a result of an attack by unknown assailants on the headquarters of the Iranian-backed “Fatimiyoun” militia in the Sukhna area in Palmyra countryside, six members were killed and 4 others wounded.

The Iranian militias have recently witnessed continuous human losses as a result of repeated attacks by ISIS cells deployed in the desert region of Homs governorate also known as the Badia region.

According to local sources, Hezbollah had recently recruited 240 young men from Homs under the name of a charity group for the purpose of protecting an Iranian oil pipeline that extends from Homs to Iraq. The Iranian backed Lebanese militia are taking advantage of the economic collapse in the region by promising large salaries in order to recruit new members.


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