60 days of continuous barbaric bombardments in Jabal al-Zawiya

Russian bombardment on villages in Jabal al-Zawiya

Since June, regime forces had begun to intensely bombard the villages and towns of Jabal al-Zawiya. The Syria Civil Defense documented the displacement of thousands of civilians during this period, which witnessed more than 220 attacks that killed more than 56 people, including 16 children and eight women along with volunteers from the White Helmets.

Sources from the Fathul Mubeen Operations Room revealed the use of a new weapon by Assad’s forces, during this bombing campaign, called Krasnopol missiles. This new Russian weapon is a laser guided missile, which makes the accuracy of hitting the target very high and close to 90%.

Military factions affiliated with the Fathul Mubeen Operations Room responded to these attacks by launching intensive bombing campaigns of their own with various types of weapons. This inflicted the enemy with heavy loses, including the destruction of several headquarters of the regime and Russian forces, along with the Krasnopol missile bases that were recently used to target Jabal al-Zawiya.

It was reported that the Russian and Turkish officers did not reach a decision on implementing the agreements related to northwestern Syria during their recent meetings.

According to political analysts and experts Russia is well known for not respecting its commitments and agreements and therefore wants Turkey to make concessions. Russia has been constantly declaring its will to work with Assad to return all of Syria back to him.

As for the Turkish side, they cannot afford to make any other compromises allowing Russia to become stronger in Syria. And if Turkey gave in to the Russian demands for northern Syria, it would rather become a threat Turkish national security.

A military commander of Hayat Tahrir al-Sham, Abu al-Zubair al-Shami said that the Russians and regime have been bombing the villages and towns of Jabal al-Zawiya for more than two months to displace the people from their lands. He also stated that they are fully aware and ready for all kinds of circumstances and scenarios.

Despite the aggravated bombardment experienced by the people of Jabal al-Zawiya, the movement of refugees has been minimal as most of the locals still prefer not to leave their homes even as they face harsh conditions living there.


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