as-Suwayda Activists Call for Resuming Sit-ins



Activists in as-Suwayda called on the locals to hold a sit-in today, at 1:00 pm, at al-Fursan Square in the center of the city, to stand against the security turmoil which is caused and supported by the regime and its force.

According to reports, the call is to raise their voices and speak out against the chaos of arms and drug trade that has dragged society into the lowest levels of humiliation as weapons have reached children’s bags in schools and streets.

Moreover, this comes after the gangs and mafia affiliated with the Assad regime forced the youth to emigrate outside the country.

The activists’ statement also mentioned: “the need for change in the region, and that they (the Syrians) have the right to their homeland. They must gather and protest to know who wants a decent life for all of everyone, who stands against the regime, and who does not care.”

The province frequently witnesses demonstrations by outraged locals demanding for the chaotic situation be solved. However, things have only looked for the worse as time passed.



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