General Security Service Apprehends Hezbollah Cell in Idlib

In a significant development, the General Security Service (GSS) has successfully carried out an operation to apprehend a security cell associated with Hezbollah in the city of Idlib. The official statement released by the GSS, delivered by spokesman Diaa Al-Omar, provides comprehensive details about the operation and sheds light on the nature of the apprehended cell.

According to the GSS statement, recent intelligence reports raised suspicions about certain individuals within the liberated areas. These individuals underwent close monitoring and surveillance by dedicated units to uncover their true intentions and affiliations.

After an extensive investigation, it has been definitively established that the apprehended individuals are linked to the Lebanese Hezbollah party and were specifically operating in Idlib and Aleppo. The GSS underscores that this affiliation was uncovered through a thorough study and analysis of the available evidence.

The investigation further revealed that the captured cell members had previously received support from the Syrian Intelligence and later from an internal faction within Hezbollah’s intelligence apparatus. The reasons behind this support remain unclear to the investigators.

In delving deeper into the activities of the apprehended cell, the investigation exposed their involvement in identifying the locations of combatants, targeting government and humanitarian institutions, orchestrating assassinations, and carrying out destructive bombings in the liberated areas. The GSS emphasizes that the investigation is ongoing to uncover the complete extent of their actions.


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