Jerusalem Post Questions Israeli Airstrikes’ Ability to Defeat Iranian Project in Syria and Iraq

Members of the Fatemiyoun Brigade via Chatham House

In a recent report, the “Jerusalem Post” has raised doubts about the effectiveness of Israeli airstrikes in Syria alone to thwart the comprehensive Iranian project, which extends its influence beyond Syria to include Lebanon and Iraq.

The newspaper emphasized that the Iranian project operates across borders in a clear hierarchical manner, disregarding the boundaries that separate Syria, Lebanon, and Iraq. While Israel respects these borders, it refrains from attacking forces loyal to the Assad regime in Syria, even though Iranian assets are currently operating within Syria under official banners. Similarly, Israel avoids direct confrontation with Iraq and maintains a state of “mutual deterrence” with Hezbollah in Lebanon.

According to the newspaper, the outcome of this cautious approach could lead to the “growth of Iran’s confidence and even recklessness.” While acknowledging the ongoing successes of the Israeli Air Force against Syria, the article questions whether the current dimensions of the battle between these forces remain sufficient to strike at the entirety of Iranian efforts in northern Israel.

The article warned that failure to make a decisive move in this matter would equate to “succumbing to Iran’s continuous advancement.”

In the early hours of Sunday morning, Israeli fighter jets launched airstrikes targeting sites near the Syrian capital, Damascus. The Assad regime remained silent and did not immediately announce the airstrikes.

Pro-regime media outlets reported massive explosions that ignited large fires in the capital, noting that the explosions continued for over twenty minutes.

The official Syrian news agency, “SANA,” reported, “Sounds of explosions were heard in the vicinity of Damascus, and investigations are underway to determine their nature,” without providing further details.


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