Russian Airstrikes in Idlib City Result in Tragic Civilian Casualties

Credit: (Syria Civil Defense / Twitter)

Today, Russian jets conducted a series of airstrikes on the suburbs west of Idlib City, resulting in the death of a family living in a civilian home. The initial strike, carried out with vacuum missiles, claimed the lives of a husband, wife, and their son, while causing severe damage to the building.

Tragically, during the aftermath of the strikes, the White Helmets, Syrian Civil Defense teams, were targeted by a “double tap” attack employed by the Russian military. This tactic involves attacking the site again once rescue workers arrive, potentially leading to further casualties among survivors and responders.

Fortunately, the White Helmets were able to rescue one woman from the rubble and evacuate without any harm to their team. Currently, six individuals are reported injured, including one woman, with three fatalities, including a woman.

From January 2023 until July 25, the White Helmets have responded to 390 attacks in northwestern Syria, resulting in 42 deaths, including 6 children and 4 women, and 176 injuries, including 56 children and 26 women.

Russian reconnaissance drones are still present in the air above Idlib City, even after the Russian planes carried out a total of four strikes before departing. The situation remains deeply concerning and highlights the ongoing risks faced by civilians in the region.


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