SSG Inaugurates New Ministry of Media Offices in Opening Ceremony in Idlib City

Credit: (Agency of Sham /Social Media)
On Thursday, November 23, 2023, the city of Idlib celebrated the inauguration of the Ministry of Media’s new headquarters under the Syrian Salvation Government (SSG). The event drew government officials, directors of liberated areas, a Shura Council delegation, and representatives from unions, academics, media, and political figures from various Islamic nations, along with local media activists.

The opening ceremony featured brief speeches introducing the Ministry of Media’s work and its pivotal role in amplifying the voices of Syrians. Attendees delved into discussions about the media landscape in the region, emphasizing its significance in resistance against occupation, toppling tyrants, supporting media freedom, fostering economic and social development, and championing the principles of the Syrian revolution while shedding light on injustice and persecution.

The Ministry of Media’s critical role in conveying the revolutionary message, attracting international attention to the Syrian cause, and promoting unity among Islamic peoples to encourage social cohesion was underscored. Furthermore, the Ministry reiterated its commitment to a free media that shapes public opinion, directs public discourse, and ensures the integrity of journalistic work with professionalism and ethics.

This initiative aligns with the SSG’s strategy to develop revolutionary media institutions in the liberated north; consistent with the revolution’s achievements at all levels. Building on this momentum, the recent opening of the Faculty of Political Science and Media at the University of Idlib was highlighted, showcasing modern facilities and a distinguished teaching staff, marking a substantial leap in the northern Syrian media landscape.

The event brought together government officials, the press, and dignitaries, with remote participation from abroad via teleconference. Guest speakers and attendees emphasized the Ministry’s role in supporting media freedom and promoting economic and social development while defending the principles of the Syrian revolution and exposing injustice and persecution.

It was emphasized that the Ministry plays a crucial role in conveying the revolutionary message to the masses, garnering international support for the Syrian revolution, and fostering social cohesion among diverse societal groups. This event signifies a significant stride in the development of revolutionary media institutions in northern Syria, reflecting ongoing efforts to convey the Syrian voice globally and secure both domestic and international backing for the revolution and its people.


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