Escalating Security Chaos in Southern Syria: Unrest and Violence Grip Daraa, Quneitra, and Suwayda

Credit: (Social Media)
Southern Syria, particularly the governorates of Daraa, Quneitra, and Suwayda, is currently embroiled in a state of escalating insecurity and unrest. Recent events have highlighted the intensifying unrest and violence in the region, with a series of operations targeting Assad regime militias and incidents of violence resulting in casualties and injuries.

In Daraa, a military vehicle belonging to the “State Security” militia was targeted by an improvised explosive device (IED) on the road between the cities of Jassim and Inkhil, leading to fatalities and injuries among the militia’s ranks. The names of the deceased were reported, and the wounded were promptly taken to the hospital for treatment. Additionally, in the northern countryside of Daraa, a member of the Assad militia accused of involvement in the drug trade was assassinated in the town of Mahja.

In the governorate of Quneitra, an IED struck a vehicle of regime militia near the town of Nasiriyah, resulting in the death of a militia member and the injury of another. The unrest extended to civilian altercations, with individuals losing their lives as a result of disputes and violent incidents. In Daraa Al-Balad, a young man was fatally stabbed during a dispute, while in the city of Jassem, another individual succumbed to injuries sustained in a previous quarrel.

Furthermore, the Jordanian Army reported the killing of three smugglers on the Syrian-Jordanian border as they attempted to transport 233,000 Captagon pills and 528 units of hashish into Jordanian territory.

Meanwhile, protests and unrest in Suwayda which have been ongoing for over three months saw the Muqrin al-Qibli group release a working paper consisting of five points and outlining the methodology envisioned to ensure the logicality of the peaceful movement. The movement aims to remove the Assad regime alongside the foreign Russian and Iranian occupations.

The paper proposes the establishment of a constituent council for the entire governorate, with representatives elected from various movement points in villages and cities. The council’s first meeting will focus on getting to know each other and opening the door for the election of a political committee responsible for leading and serving the movement to achieve its goal of peacefully overthrowing the regime.

It then outlines the election process for the political committee, emphasizing that it should be responsible to the Constituent Council and not distinguish between men and women or make any religious or sectarian distinctions. The document highlights that the task of the Constituent Assembly is to establish internal regulations and the working method with the elected political committee.

The ongoing security chaos in southern Syria has been a cause for concern since the Assad regime, along with Russian and Iranian forces, gained control of the region. Despite their efforts, the regime and its allies have struggled to contain the escalating violence and unrest, with the influence of various factions and competing criminal elements continuing to disrupt the stability of the area.


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