FMOR Showcases Advancements in Weapons Production

Credit: (Askari Media)
In a recent January 19 video released by the Askari media outlet, associated with the Fath al-Mubeen Operations Room (FMOR), revolutionary factions in Syria detailed their significant advancements in the manufacture of munitions. The nearly three-minute video highlighted the importance of self-sufficiency in weapon production and showcased the development of various advanced weapons by the FMOR.

The narration emphasized the crucial role of weapon manufacturing in determining the strength of nations and the strategic importance of possessing weapons for revolutionary factions, especially in the absence of significant international military support for the Syrian struggle. It also highlighted the Assad regime’s adoption of a scorched-earth policy in its battles with the revolution, prompting fighters to focus on developing military manufacturing to create a balance.

These efforts led to the creation of innovative weapons, including the “Hell Cannon,” which utilized highly explosive household gas cylinders for its shells, and Howitzer cannons with a caliber of 120 millimeters. However, with the evolution of combat methods and the introduction of new advanced weapons to the battlefronts, FMOR concentrated on further developing military manufacturing.

After extensive effort and diligent work, FMOR succeeded in manufacturing several advanced weapons, notably the 220-millimeter caliber Zoaam rockets, characterized by significant destructive capability and a medium range able to penetrate strong fortifications. The release showcased the production of independently made Katyusha rockets, simulating the Russian-made Katyusha rockets, with a caliber of 114 millimeters, capable of accurately hitting long-range targets.

According to Askari Media, these military developments have forced the Assad regime to reconsider its actions, serving as a strategic deterrent and compelling the regime to think twice before attacking the liberated north. The video provided evidence of this impact, citing instances where the regime bombarded cities in the liberated areas, only to face a barrage of rockets that left them “helpless and humiliated.”

The advancements in weapons production by the Syrian opposition factions, as showcased in the video, underscore their determination to achieve self-sufficiency in manufacturing ammunition and defensive weapons. These developments have not only bolstered the revolutionary factions’ capabilities on the battlefield but have also served as a strategic deterrent, compelling the Assad regime to reassess its approach in the conflict.


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