Highlights from the Astana Format Summit

Photo: Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the RK

The representatives of Iran, Russia, and Türkiye, guarantor countries of the Astana Format, issued a joint statement after the 21st International Meeting on Syria. Emphasizing the Astana Process’s role in resolving the Syrian crisis, they addressed concerns over the Palestinian-Israeli conflict, emphasizing the need for a ceasefire and humanitarian aid in Gaza.

The representatives expressed commitment to Syria’s sovereignty and unity, focusing on combating terrorism. Specific attention was given to Idlib, urging the implementation of agreements for sustainable normalization. The statement also condemned separatist agendas, illegal oil seizures, and Israeli military attacks in Syria.

Humanitarian assistance, the safe return of refugees, and a political solution were highlighted. The next summit will be held in the Russian Federation, with the 22nd International Meeting in Astana in 2024.


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