HTS Statement Announces Conclusion of Security Operation and Investigation

Credit (GSS)

Yesterday, Hayah Tahrir al-Sham (HTS) made a significant announcement regarding the conclusion of the security operation involving international intelligence agencies infiltration and plots against the Syrian revolution. The statement outlined the results of the investigation and the formation of a higher committee to ensure justice and due rights for all involved.

The General Command of HTS expressed its commitment to increasing the audit of the investigation related to the “security cell” case to “ensure justice and prevent injustice.” A higher committee, headed by the General Command, was formed to evaluate the evidence and facts. The committee’s work in the past period focused on scrutinizing the procedures followed, interviewing individuals, evaluating claims and defenses, and examining evidence presented by the plaintiffs.

As a result of the committee’s work, several direct recommendations and directions were concluded. These included the immediate release of detainees whose evidence did not prove the charges against them, the preservation of the case against some detainees, despite insufficient evidence, the conviction of a number of detainees with referral to the judiciary for legal procedures, and the suspension of anyone proven to have violated disciplinary procedures against detainees.

The statement emphasized the continuation of the revolutionary project and the commitment to care for the liberated territories. It also reaffirmed the determination to continue the struggle until all Syrian land is liberated, captives are freed, and the enemy is defeated.

As the security establishment concludes its work on this case, the focus remains on the revolutionary project and the liberation of Syrian territories. The commitment to justice and the rule of law, as outlined in the statement, reflects a continued effort to maintain stability and security within the region.


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