Ongoing Assad Regime Attacks in Northern Syria Terrorize Civilians and Injure Children

Ongoing Assad Regime Attacks in Northern Syria Terrorize Civilians and Injure Children

Yesterday, the Syrian Salvation Government released a statement regarding the rocket attacks in the liberated areas, stating that the city of Ariha in northern Syria fell victim to a brutal assault by the Assad regime and Iranian-backed militias. Decrying that “the criminal regime’s militias unleashed heavy artillery shells and rocket launchers on residential neighborhoods, resulting in several civilian casualties and widespread destruction.”

The attack left six civilians injured, including a woman and her two daughters, as well as two other children. The missile bombardment also caused significant damage to numerous houses, plunging the city into a state of panic and fear.

The assault targeted vital civilian infrastructure, including a mosque, a school, and a popular market. Simultaneously, other missiles struck towns in the southern Idlib countryside, such as Al-Fatira, the eastern outskirts of the village of Bzabour, and Sarja, resulting in additional civilian injuries.

This reprehensible act is part of the criminal regime’s ongoing campaign to directly target liberated, populated areas. Earlier in the day, the town of Taftanaz in the eastern countryside of Idlib was bombarded with rockets, causing material damage but fortunately no further casualties.

The Syrian Civil Defense, also known as the White Helmets, stressed that the relentless targeting of civilian areas by the Assad regime and its allies is a flagrant violation of international law and a grave affront to the sanctity of human life. The international community must condemn these heinous acts and take decisive action to protect innocent civilians from such wanton violence.


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