Graduation of 60 Physicians Specializing in Various Medical Fields in Northern Syria

Credit: (Syrian News Agency)

 In Idlib, northwestern Syria, 60 physicians have successfully completed their specializations in diverse medical disciplines, marking a significant milestone for the region’s struggling healthcare sector. The Syrian Board of Medical Specializations (SBOMS) oversaw the graduation ceremony, which featured specialties ranging from ophthalmology to neuropathology, critical care, pediatrics, and numerous sub-specialties.

Despite the challenging environment, the graduates demonstrated resilience and determination to overcome barriers. Dr. Tamer Al-Khalasi, who specialized in internal medicine, returned to his studies after a seven-year hiatus caused by detention. His story highlights the persistence needed to rebuild the medical sector amidst conflict. Dr. Hossam Qara Muhammad, Deputy Director of Idlib Health Directorate, emphasized the importance of this event, stating that the graduation of this batch represents a major achievement in Idlib and aims to enhance the health sector’s capabilities.

In the wake of nearly 13 years of war, which included Russia and the Assad regime’s systemic targeting of hospitals, clinics, and medical infrastructure as well as physicians and healthcare practitioners, the region faces a severe shortage of medical professionals. Approximately 900 doctors are tasked with serving the entire medical sector in Idlib and adjacent regions. This scarcity places immense strain on existing resources, leading to increased pressure on departments offering specialized treatments.

To address this issue, the Syrian Commission for Medical Specialties (SCMS) supports the initiative, sponsoring four accredited training centers in Idlib and Aleppo governorates. These centers offer residents the chance to pursue specializations despite the difficult circumstances. SBOMS serves as a professional scientific academic body granting unified certificates known as the Specialization Certificate of the Syrian Board for Medical Specialties upon successful completion of the prescribed training period in medical facilities approved by it.

This graduation ceremony signifies the revival of the medical sector in the region, highlighting the outcomes achieved through the efforts of SCMS and the commitment of the authorities involved. The graduates themselves will now contribute to filling the deficiencies in the medical sector, improving the overall quality of healthcare provided to the communities they serve.


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