Press Conference Reveals Advances in Reformation Efforts

Credit: (Agency of Sham)

In a press conference held today, Dr. Mustafa Musa, Chairman of the General Shura Council, an independent body that advises and recommends policy to the Syrian Salvation Government (SSG), spoke about significant strides in reformation initiatives within liberated areas of northern Syria. Musa shed light on the progress made in implementing measures stemming from a recent leadership session involving revolutionary elites and civil society representatives.

Musa highlighted the formation of eight committees dispersed throughout the region, tasked with engaging directly with local communities to address their needs and concerns. “We issued several decisions leading to the establishment of eight committees, each engaging with communities to hear their voices and address their demands promptly,” stated Dr. Musa.

In a demonstration of the priority given to the responsibility, Dr. Musa noted that within a brief period not exceeding ten days, these committees managed to resolve approximately 25% of the total cases presented to them, showcasing swift and effective responsiveness to the populace.

Furthermore, he emphasized the importance of inclusive decision-making processes, underscoring the involvement of intellectuals and activists in shaping the future of governance structures. “We organized three workshops involving academics and activists to broaden the representation of the Council and enhance its capacity to fulfill its duties effectively,” remarked Musa.

The workshops deliberated on critical aspects such as the composition of the council, geographical representation based on the various governorates, and suitable electoral systems for liberated areas, exploring options between general elections and electoral colleges. Additionally, discussions revolved around mechanisms to ensure the representation of specialized groups within their respective governorates, as well as nomination and election criteria.

In line with the commitment to transparency and integrity, Dr. Musa announced the establishment of the Supreme Committee for the elections of the General Shura Council in its third session. “Our objective is to advance electoral systems that uphold transparency and integrity, facilitating fair elections and a council that truly reflects the interests of our populace,” he affirmed.

The establishment of the Board of Grievances was unveiled, tasked with addressing complaints and grievances at both institutional and individual levels, and guided by legal principles. “The Board has already begun processing complaints received by regional committees,” he added, underscoring the council’s dedication to addressing the concerns of its citizens.

As the SSG presses forward with its reformation agenda, the General Shura is there to assist in carrying the demands and needs of the people to the government. Guided by the principles of inclusivity and responsiveness, Dr. Mustafa Musa reiterated the commitment to continue incorporating new ideas and proposals from the people and ensuring the ongoing evolution of governance structures in the liberated areas.


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