Suwayda Mourns First Protester’s Death

Credit: (Suwayda 24)

The city of Suwayda in southern Syria witnessed a somber gathering as large crowds gathered to mourn Jawad Al-Barouki, the first casualty of the popular movement in the region. Al-Barouki lost his life during a peaceful demonstration calling for the ousting of the Syrian regime, with attendees expressing their anger towards Bashar al-Assad and regime forces.

Al-Barouki, born in 1972, was a dedicated participant in the Suwayda uprising from its inception. A father of two, Al-Barouki worked in the legal profession. His tragic death occurred following injuries sustained during a demonstration attempting to enter the April 17 Hall in Suwayda’s city center, where regime security operations are conducted. Despite efforts to save him at the National Hospital in Suwayda, Al-Barouki succumbed to severe bleeding in the chest due to a lack of specialized medical care.

The Suwayda uprising has persisted for over six months, with demonstrators demanding the removal of the Syrian regime and the withdrawal of Iranian forces from the country, alongside the implementation of UN Resolution 2254 for a peaceful transition of power. Al-Barouki’s death marks a significant turn in the movement, with Syrian regime forces firing upon demonstrators, resulting in injuries and escalating tensions.

In the aftermath of Al-Barouki’s killing, Suwayda experienced further unrest as unidentified assailants launched coordinated attacks on security and government installations. These assaults, including rocket-propelled grenades and gunfire, targeted security headquarters, intelligence centers, and the headquarters of the Baath party branch.

The response from local and international bodies has been swift. The “Spiritual Presidency” of the Unitarian Druze sect in Suwayda condemned the regime’s actions, emphasizing the peaceful nature of the ongoing protests. Additionally, the official account of the US Embassy in Syria expressed deep concern over the regime’s use of excessive force against peaceful demonstrators, extending condolences to the affected families and reaffirming Syrians’ rights to peace, dignity, security, and justice. As Suwayda mourns the loss of Jawad Al-Barouki, the spirit of resistance remains steadfast, with calls for accountability and justice continuing to echo through the city’s streets.


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