Two Dates One Revolution: Celebrations in Free Syria Continue Despite In-climate Weather

Credit: (Social Media)

Today, March 18, despite rain and chill temperatures Syrians in the liberated north gathered in town and city squares and centers to commemorate the 13th anniversary of the Syrian revolution. The anniversary of the Syrian revolution is marked by two significant dates, March 15 and March 18, each representing different facets of the uprising.

March 18, 2011, symbolizes the start of mass protests in Daraa, reflecting the grassroots resistance and rural solidarity against oppression, as the people took to the streets angered at the arrest, and murder by torture, of school boys from the city. March 15 holds significance for earlier protests that occurred in the capital, Damascus, organized by pre-existing opposition groups and activists, representing the challenges to the regime within urban, national, and modernizing frameworks.

Today those gathered in Idlib City’s Seven Fountains Square to continue celebrating 13 years of the Syrian people’s struggle. In attendance were the Red Band units who were honored during the events for their participation in yesterday’s military operation, which resulted in capturing the destruction of Assad regime artillery, used to fire on civilians and the capture of a T72 tank.

Spirits were high in Idlib City as well as various other parts of Syria including Daraa, known as the cradle of the revolution, where people in the city hung banners on the Omari Mosque amidst preparations for the commemoration of the protests that took place 13 years ago in the city, and resulted in the deaths of four demonstrator’s when Assad forces fired on the peaceful gathering.

According to Aron Lund, Middle East analyst at the Swedish Defense Research Agency (FOI), March 18 represents the revolution’s rural, traditionalist grassroots movement, while March 15 embodies the more urban, and progressive elements. However, commemorating both dates highlights the holistic nature of Syria’s revolution, acknowledging the diversity of perspectives and experiences within Syrian society and revolutionary components and embodying the spirit of a “Revolution for All Syrians.”


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