Joint Assad-SDF Military Post Shells Amal IDP Camp in Northwestern Syria’s Afrin

Credit: (White Helmets/Social Media)

Yesterday May 8, a camp for Internally Displaced Persons (IDP) in northwestern Syria’s Afrin became the target of a military outpost shared by the PKK-aligned Syrian Democratic Forces (SDF) and Assad regime troops. The shelling caused casualties among innocent civilians.

The attack, which occurred in the vicinity of Al-Amal Camp in Jabal al-Khalidiya near the city of Afrin, terrorized those in the region. Reports indicate that heavy artillery fire unleashed by SDF militias wreaked havoc on the camp, leading to tragic consequences for its inhabitants. Among the victims was a pregnant woman who fell victim to shelling, sustaining severe injuries.

Witnesses described the scenes as families scrambled to seek refuge from the barrage of shelling. Dozens of families fled from camps into the forests in the countryside of Afrin in a desperate bid to escape the onslaught from territory jointly manned by SDF and Assad regime forces.

Jumana Abdel Karim, a volunteer midwife at the Women and Family Health Center affiliated with the Syrian Civil Defense, commonly known as the White Helmets, recounted the traumatic events that unfolded during the attack. “While I was working today at the Women and Family Center of the Syrian Civil Defense in the Khalidiya area in the Afrin countryside, we were informed that the Al-Amal Camp had been bombed and there were causalities,” she stated. “We immediately went to the site of the bombing to provide medical assistance as quickly as possible because seconds can save a person’s life.”

She went on to describe the plight of one particular victim, a pregnant woman grievously wounded in the attack. “An injured woman was carried to the ambulance with us, and I began providing first aid to her. I realized that the woman was pregnant and had suffered a serious foot injury and the loss of a large part of her leg,” Karim recalled. “The important thing was for us to get her and the fetus to the hospital in a conscious state without further damage.”

The incident serves as a stark reminder that the Syrian people despite being displaced from their homes, continue to be targeted and the victim of attacks even in places of refugee far from the front lines such as camps for the displaced which tend to house the most vulnerable and needy of the population.


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