Staff and Students of Idlib University Stand with Gaza in Pro-Palestinian Rally

Credit: (SSG / Social Media)

In a display of solidarity with the Palestinian people, students and faculty of Idlib University organized a rally yesterday, joining a global movement advocating for the rights and protection of Palestinians in Gaza.

The demonstration, held on the campus of Idlib University, saw participation from faculty, administration, and the student body, echoing sentiments of support for Gaza and condemnation of the Zionist occupation and genocide in the occupied Palestinian territories.

Dr. Ahmed Zaidan, a prominent journalist and political analyst was in attendance. Zaidan delivered a speech reaffirming the university’s stance in support of Palestinians. “We are with you and we are in one trench,” he declared, emphasizing unity and perseverance in the face of adversity. Zaidan highlighted the historical and cultural ties between Syria and Palestine, stressing the shared struggle against oppression.

Drawing parallels between the plight of Palestinians in Gaza and the challenges faced by the people of Idlib, Zaidan underscored the commonalities in their struggles. “What Gaza is exposed to is the same as what Idlib and its people are exposed to,” he asserted, referencing the longstanding conflicts and occupations in the region.

Student speakers at the event echoed Zaidan’s sentiments, expressing unwavering solidarity with their counterparts in Gaza. “We stand in protest with our steadfast people in Gaza,” they proclaimed, denouncing the ongoing violence against the Palestinians and an end to the unlawful occupation.

The rally emphasized the deep-rooted connections between Syria and Palestine, with participants highlighting the shared pain and aspirations for freedom and justice. Throughout the event, the university student body reiterated its commitment to supporting the Palestinian cause and called for sustained efforts to end the oppression and violence in Gaza. The event at Idlib University stands as a testament to the unwavering solidarity between the people of Idlib and Palestine, united in their pursuit of justice and liberation.


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