Report Highlights Violations by Assad-Aligned Al-Quds Brigade Against Palestinians in Syria

Credit: (Liwa al-Quds)

The Action Group for the Palestinians of Syria has released a comprehensive report detailing severe violations committed by the Al-Quds Brigade militia, which has supported the Assad regime since the onset of the Syrian revolution. The 135-page Arabic report, titled The Bitter Harvest: Al-Quds Brigade in Syria During 11 Years, documents numerous atrocities, including murder, robbery, and trafficking in drugs and sex.

The Al-Quds Brigade, one of the most prominent militias allied with Assad’s forces, has played a significant role in several areas, particularly affecting Palestinian refugees in numerous camps across Syria. Formed in the early days of the revolution, the militia’s operations have been extensive and multifaceted, extending its influence from Russia to Iran through its political, military, and other wings.

The report highlights the stages of the establishment of the Al-Quds Brigade and its extensive activities in various Palestinian camps in Syria, exposing numerous human rights abuses perpetrated by the militia, such as arrests of civilians, theft and seizure of property, drug trafficking, sex trafficking, and the recruitment of children into warfare.

The document details arrests and international prosecutions of Al-Quds Brigade leaders and cadres, particularly in the Netherlands and Germany. These prosecutions target individuals who have participated in the militia’s operations within Syria.

The Bitter Harvest is based on monitoring the militia’s media sources, statements from its leaders and activists, and tracking its movements and actions in Syria and beyond. Information and details were gathered from defectors and those close to the militia in camps like Nayrab, Handarat, and Raml, as well as sources in Turkey and European countries.

This report underscores the profound impact of the Al-Quds Brigade on Palestinian refugees, with numerous documented cases of abuse and loss. The findings by the Action Group for the Palestinians of Syria provide a crucial insight into the ongoing violations and the militia’s extensive network and operations.


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