Violence Erupts in Binnish: Police Station Attacked, Assassination Attempt on Local Official

Credit: (Social Media)

The city of Binnish in northern Syria was engulfed in violence Friday following a series of protests that escalated into attacks on local police officers and an assassination attempt on a prominent regional official.

The day began with the usual Friday demonstration in Binnish, which has been going on for several months against the leadership of the liberated areas. However, the situation took a violent turn after the arrest of Abu Rad Homsi. According to eyewitnesses, the protesters, incensed by the arrest, marched towards the local police station and launched an attack.

Armed men targeted the director of the Binnish bloc, Professor Abu Fadel, with live bullets after intercepting his car east of Idlib. The police have since launched an investigation to identify the perpetrators. The effects of the gunfire were evident on Professor Abu Fadel’s vehicle, captured in a widely shared 16-second CCTV clip that has since circulated on social media.

The violence extended to the Binnish police station, where attackers opened fire and assaulted officers, resulting in one injury. Several police cars were destroyed and one was set ablaze. The attackers, identified as members of the so-called ‘Binnish Movement,’ also attacked the building of the regional bloc in the city.

In a statement, Central Region Police Commander, Captain Jumaa al-Youssef, condemned the attacks, calling them an assault on the institutions of the revolution and its gains.

“Some people attacked the Binnish police station, opened fire on it, and assaulted the police station members, which led to the injury of one of the members, the destruction of police cars, and the burning of a car. The same people also attacked the building of the region’s bloc in the city,” said al-Youssef.

He emphasized that the authorities would hold the perpetrators accountable. “We imposed a security cordon to pursue the attackers who opened fire, burned and smashed police cars, and targeted the official of the Binnish area bloc with bullets, trying to destabilize the security and stability of the residents.”

Captain Al-Youssef confirmed the assassination attempt on Professor Abu Fadel, attributing it to an individual affiliated with the self-proclaimed “Revolutionary Movement.” He assured that a thorough investigation was underway to uncover the identities of those responsible and bring them to justice.

In response to the incidents, the Department of Political Affairs of the Syrian Salvation Government released a statement expressing their close monitoring of the street movement and support for reform initiatives to maintain societal cohesion. The statement highlighted their efforts to meet reform demands seriously and transparently, emphasizing the importance of dialogue and peaceful protest.

The statement strongly condemned the escalation of violence, stating, “It is unfortunate that some advocates of this movement have rejected constructive dialogue, and sought to escalate matters, practice hostile rhetoric, and transform peaceful protests into chaos that attacks institutions and assassinates those in charge of them.”

The department called for respect for the law and legitimate freedom of expression, urging all participants in the movement to commit to peaceful demands and avoid actions that destabilize security and stability. They also emphasized the need for practical and decisive steps to prevent the liberated areas from being torn apart by such actions. The escalation in violence has raised concerns about the stability and security in Binnish, with residents and officials alike calling for swift action to restore order and prevent further attacks.


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