Russia is using Syria as a testing ground for its weapons

Russian military expert, Igor Koruchenko, said, testing modern Russian weapons in Syria is a normal step as it is used in real war conditions to reveal potential defects.

“The actual weapons tests take place during real battles, where experts can analyze and study their feasibility in the battlefields”, added Koruchenko.

The Russian expert indicated the Russian weapons testing operations in Syria showed the need for some Russian weapons to modernize and adapt to the modern conditions of today.

He continued: “Based on the results of combat use, we conclude that a number of systems do not meet the requirements of modern military equipment, and a number of improvements have been made in order to make the weapons used compatible with the needs of real combat operations.”

Russia has repeatedly admitted that they have tried hundreds of weapons in Syria to uncover their defects, develop them and market their sale.

According to an Aljazeera article last year, the Russian government has presented the operation in Syria as an opportunity to test and promote Russian weaponry. In 2017, the defence ministry said some 600 new weapons had been tested in military action in Syria.

By 2018 the Russian defense ministry claimed 80% of its flight crews had served a combat tour in Syria.


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