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Turkey takes Decisive Steps after Meeting with North Aleppo Factions

Yesterday, reports emerged about a meeting between the leaders of the Syrian National Army, the Minister of Defense of the Syrian Interim Government (SIG)...

Calmness returns after crisis in Aleppo


Military Factions State Reasons for Recent Clashes

HTS released a statement explaining their stance on the recent clashes between the military factions in the liberated areas of Northern Aleppo and their...

Russian Airstrikes Target Countryside of Northern Aleppo

This morning, Russian warplanes raided the liberated areas in the northern countryside of Aleppo, specifically near the city of Azaz, with several airstrikes. The warplanes...

HTS and Levant Front hold first round of negotiations on the fate of N-Aleppo areas amid frail ceasefire

In last night's negotiation, HTS made several demands which, were the unity of the revolutionary project under a single command, and no interference by...

Military Factions Clash to Expand Sphere of Influence in Northern Aleppo

Earlier this week, media activist, Abu Ghannoum and his wife were assassinated by unidentified individuals near the Furn roundabout in the city of al-Bab,...

First Cholera Case Recorded in Liberated Areas

Reports have emerged that the first case of cholera was recorded in the city of Jarablus, northeast of Aleppo, which is under the control...

New massacre committed by the Assad regime uncovered


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