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Assad regime targets displaced Syrians


New Report of Massacre Committed by Assad Regime in Daraa

A recent video report revealed a new massacre committed by Assad's forces in Daraa, southern Syria, which surpassed the level of brutality in al-Tadamon,...

New massacre committed by the Assad regime uncovered


Candlelight Vigil in Idlib to Recall Ghouta Massacre

Since Sunday, locals across the liberated areas in coordination with the White Helmets and local authorities have launched a candlelight vigil in remembrance of...

Revolutionary Military Factions Respond to al-Bab Massacre

The Syrian National Army from the region of al-Bab city, near eastern Aleppo, retaliated to the massacre, yesterday, by the Assad regime on a...

Human Rights Defender Explains Effects of Video showcasing Civilian Massacre

Since The Guardian published the video a few days ago, showcasing massacres by the Syrian regime, it caused worldwide criticism from many while others...

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