Syrian Regime Continues Targeting Civilians in Northern Syria Killing Children

Credit: (White Helmets/Social Media)

Regime forces in northern Syria have launched a series of attacks on civilian vehicles, resulting in the deaths of multiple civilians, including children, in the vicinity of Atarib, west of Aleppo. The attacks, which targeted civilian agricultural vehicles, have left communities devastated and families in mourning.

On Saturday, June 1, regime forces indiscriminately targeted a civilian agricultural vehicle with a guided missile in the Wasata area on the eastern outskirts of Atarib. The attack killed three civilians from one family: a man, his child, and his brother. The White Helmets, also known as Syria Civil Defense, reported that the child’s father succumbed to his injuries later that day, bringing the death toll to three.

Earlier, a similar attack occurred when regime forces targeted another civilian vehicle used for farming on the Atarib-Kafr Nouran road. Although this attack caused significant damage to the car, no injuries were reported. White Helmets teams inspected the area and confirmed the absence of casualties.

The ongoing assaults by regime forces have particularly devastated the farming community. A farmer was killed, and two others, including a child, were seriously injured when a guided missile struck their car on the eastern outskirts of Atarib. The injured child later died, adding to the rising toll of civilian casualties in the region.

“What happened to you? Did he die? Oh God, I beg you,” were the haunting words of a young man bidding a final farewell to his two brothers and nephew, victims of the latest missile attack. These attacks are part of a systematic campaign by the Assad regime and its Iranian allies, targeting civilians with guided missiles. Less than a week ago the regime killed two children in similar attacks on Kafr Nouran.

Such actions have sparked widespread condemnation from humanitarian organizations and local authorities. The White Helmets have documented the recurring nature of these assaults, emphasizing their indiscriminate targeting of non-combatants. As the death toll rises, the people of northern Syria endure the relentless brutality of a conflict that shows no signs of abating.


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