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Russia is sending Syrians to Ukraine


Idlib Local Authorities state Reasons for Hike in Bread Prices

Since the global wheat crisis last year and after it escalated due to the Ukrainian war, the liberated areas have been smitten hard with...

Ukraine calls on Turkey to Prevent Russian Stolen Grains into Syria

A Ukrainian official called on Turkey to take action to prevent the crossing of its country's grain stolen by Russia, which is transported through...

Podcast 12 – Ukrainian-Russian conflict and its relation to Syria

https://soundcloud.com/levant-24/podcast-12-ukrainian-russian-conflict-syria/s-MnF9pVM9r2X?utm_source=clipboard&utm_medium=text&utm_campaign=social_sharing In this podcast, we are joined by Abdul-Rasheed al-Khateeb, and English literature graduate. We will discuss with him the Russian intervention in Syria and...

Russia’s strategy used in Syria repeated in Ukraine


Can Syria be used to disrupt Russia’s Ukraine war?


Russia Copying Syrian Experience in Ukraine

Recent reports suggest that Russia have struck several civilian locations during its invasion of Ukraine. Asharq al-Awsat agency reported that Russia has begun to...

Russia sends fighters from Wagner Group to join Ukrainian Invasion

Russia withdrew dozens of fighters from the Wagner Group and special forces used to fight ISIS, from Syria to join their battles in Ukraine....

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