An alleged Israeli attack on the outskirts of Damascus, Jan. 29, 2024. Credit: Tasmin News Agency.

• In the last 24 hours, Israel has reportedly killed 215 Palestinians in Gaza, bringing the total casualties to 26,637 killed and 65,387 wounded since October 7. The death toll in Israel from the October 7 Hamas attacks is 1,139. The ongoing violence has escalated, leading to a significant loss of life and heightened tensions in the region.

• Israeli troops reportedly killed five Palestinians in the occupied West Bank within 24 hours, including Thaer Naeem Hamo, Moataz Mahmoud Atbeish, Muhannad Ismail al-Fasfous, Rani Yasser Khalaf al-Shaer, and Obaida Hassan Abdel Rahman Hamed. The circumstances of their deaths occurred during confrontations with Israeli forces in different locations, raising concerns about the use of force in the region.

• Hamas claims to have fired a rocket salvo toward Tel Aviv in response to what they term as Israeli “massacres against civilians.” This attack underscores the ongoing tension and highlights Hamas’s ability to launch rockets at Israel despite 115 days of continuous Israeli bombardment on Gaza.

• Hamas reiterates that any release of captives it holds is contingent on a guaranteed end to Israel’s invasion of Gaza and the withdrawal of all forces. The group insists on a comprehensive cessation of aggression before considering the release of captives, maintaining a firm stance on its conditions for negotiation.

• An Israeli strike in Syria targeted Iranian forces in the Sayyida Zeinab neighborhood of Damascus, but Iranian and Syrian regime sources claim it resulted in civilian casualties. While Israel aimed to hit members of Iran’s Islamic Revolutionary Guard Corps, reports indicate that Syrian civilians, including those working in the targeted building, were killed or injured, prompting condemnation from Iranian officials.

• Far-right Israeli ministers are advocating for the mass displacement of Gaza’s population, a policy condemned as ethnic cleansing by rights advocates. Despite objections from the Biden administration, Israeli politicians attended a conference calling for resettlement in the Palestinian territories. This stance raises concerns about such policies’ humanitarian impact and potential consequences.

• The White House emphasizes that the U.S. does not seek a wider war, attributing a recent drone attack in Jordan to Iran-backed groups. The U.S. sees ongoing talks for captive release in Gaza as constructive but underscores the seriousness of Iran’s support for these groups, indicating a cautious approach to the situation.

• The Iraqi Ministry of Foreign Affairs has expressed concern about recent security developments in the region, emphasizing the need for de-escalation to support international efforts toward stability. Iraq is engaged in negotiations with the United States regarding the future presence of U.S. forces, highlighting the importance of allowing space for ongoing discussions to achieve positive agreements benefiting Iraq and the region.


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