Israeli Airstrikes Near Damascus Target IRGC Center


                                                                                                     Credit: (SOHR)

Israeli airstrikes near the Syrian capital of Damascus have once again escalated tensions in the region, resulting in casualties and material losses. Yesterday’s attack targeted a headquarters in the Sayyida Zeinab area in the Damascus countryside, leading to the deaths and injuries of several members of the Iranian Revolutionary Guard Corps (IRGC).

According to reports from the Syrian regime news agency, SANA, the Israeli army launched an air attack from the direction of the occupied Golan, striking multiple points south of Damascus. The aftermath of the raid included casualties among civilians and material damages, as claimed by SANA. However, Iranian television confirmed that the bombing specifically targeted the headquarters of the IRGC in the Sayyida Zeinab area, resulting in the deaths of at least two individuals. Subsequent reports from local pages loyal to the Iranian militias suggested that the death toll had risen to four people.

This attack follows a series of escalating hostilities in the region. Iranian militias have been implicated in attacks on American forces, including a drone strike that killed three US soldiers and injured 40 others at an American military base inside Jordanian territory. The “Islamic Resistance in Iraq” militia, comprising groups such as the Iraqi “Hezbollah” and the “Al-Nujaba Movement,” claimed responsibility for the attack.

The Israeli airstrikes are part of a broader pattern of confrontations in the region. Over the past few weeks, Iran has faced successive strikes in Syria, including the targeted killings of high-ranking members of the IRGC. These incidents have underscored the ongoing struggle for influence and power in the region, with Israel reiterating its commitment to countering Iran’s attempts to establish a military presence in the country.

Amid conflicting reports and denials from Iranian officials, the situation remains tense. While an Iranian official denied that members of the IRGC were targeted in the Israeli raid, official Iranian media confirmed casualties at an Iranian advisory center in the Sayyida Zeinab area. The Iranian ambassador to the Syrian regime, Hussein Akbari, refuted claims of Iranian casualties and emphasized that such attacks would not weaken the resolve of the “axis of resistance.”


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