30 Palestinians held by Israel found dead, handcuffed inside Gaza school. (Social Media)

• UNRWA’s director of Gaza affairs, Thomas White, revealed that due to intense fighting over the past eight days, UNRWA staff and thousands of displaced residents had to evacuate Khan Younis. The conflict resulted in the loss of crucial facilities, including a health clinic and major shelters, impacting the support for the people of Khan Younis.

• According to a UNCTAD report, Israel’s campaign in Gaza led to a 24% contraction in GDP, rendering the strip “uninhabitable.” The report highlighted a staggering 79.3% unemployment rate in December. Even with an immediate end to the war, Gaza’s return to pre-war GDP levels is projected to take until 2092, emphasizing the unprecedented destruction and the need for extensive international efforts for rebuilding.

• The World Health Organization’s emergencies director, Michael Ryan, expressed deep concerns about Gaza’s suffering due to constraints on humanitarian aid. Israel’s obstruction of aid deliveries has exacerbated severe hunger, with Gaza’s population at risk of famine. Ryan emphasized that the population is “starving to death,” urging international attention and intervention.

• The Gaza Health Ministry reported a dire humanitarian situation at Nasser and al-Amal hospitals in Khan Younis. Israeli forces’ siege has led to a shortage of medical capabilities, posing a severe threat to the lives of wounded and sick individuals. The ministry called on the Red Cross and the UN for urgent intervention to protect lives and ensure the delivery of essential supplies.

• According to prisoners’ rights group Addameer, there have been 6,420 detentions in the occupied West Bank since October 7. Most arrests occurred in Hebron, including 215 women, 400 children, and 51 journalists. Additionally, 3,000 individuals are held under administrative detention without charges, and seven detainees have died in prison. The data excludes information on Gaza’s detainees due to Israeli authorities withholding information.

• Witnesses in northern Gaza discovered at least 30 bodies dumped inside a schoolyard, with the victims blindfolded and their hands and legs tied. The bodies were found decomposed, raising concerns about the circumstances of their deaths. This disturbing revelation adds to the gravity of the situation in Gaza and calls for further investigation.

• Hossein Salami, the chief of Iran’s Revolutionary Guard, issued a stark warning in response to threats against Iran over a deadly drone strike in Jordan. Salami emphasized that Iran does not leave any threat unanswered and reminded that the US has tested Iran before. Tensions remain high in the Middle East, with world powers aiming to prevent a wider conflict.

• The US Department of the Treasury sanctioned three companies and one individual in Lebanon and Turkey for providing critical financial support to the IRGC-QF and Hezbollah. The targeted companies generated substantial revenue by selling Iranian commodities, prompting the US to emphasize its commitment to disrupting these illicit financial schemes.


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