Escalating Clashes in Northern Aleppo Between PKK, SDF and SNA

Credit: (Social Media)

The northern countryside of Aleppo has once again become a battleground for the clashes between the Syrian Democratic Forces (SDF) and the Turkish-backed Syrian National Army (SNA). Recent confrontations have intensified, leading to significant casualties and heightened regional tensions.

The Joint Force (JF), comprising the Sultan Suleiman Shah Division and the Hamza Division within the SNA, announced the results of their confrontation with SDF militias. The JF revealed that it had monitored the SDF’s preparations to launch an attack against liberated areas using eavesdropping devices and drones. This prompted the group to initiate alert operations and prepare for a response, leading to a clash that lasted for five continuous hours. The SDF’s attempt to penetrate the liberated areas and control the Basalhaya sector in the Afrin countryside ultimately failed, resulting in the killing of 12 SDF fighters and the seizure of light and medium weapons.

Additionally, the SNA thwarted infiltration attempts by PKK, an Iraq-based terrorist group, in the Olive Branch area and inflicted heavy losses on the PKK affiliate SDF militia during confrontations in the northern countryside of Aleppo. The SDF, in collaboration with the so-called Afrin Liberation Forces (AFL), another PKK affiliate, claimed to have carried out a large-scale operation against the Turkish and national armies but suffered significant losses in the process.

The SNA collected the bodies of the slain PKK fighters which consisted of men, women, and child soldiers. According to local sources, the PKK released death announcements of fighters they claimed were killed in the Qandil mountains of Iraq where the PKK is based. Yet the SNA says the photos in the death announcements match some of the bodies of those killed in the north of Syria.

The conflict in northern Aleppo has not only resulted in military casualties but also posed a threat to civilian populations. The SDF forces have been accused of targeting civilian sites with bombing, sniping, and infiltration operations, as well as deploying bombs and explosive devices, leading to civilian casualties and injuries. The Turkish Ministry of Defense has reported the neutralization of YPG/PKK members in northern Syria, emphasizing the ongoing military operations in the region.

As the clashes continue, the situation remains tense, with both sides engaged in a cycle of attacks and retaliations. The conflict in northern Aleppo underscores the complex and volatile nature of the Syrian civil war, with multiple factions vying for control and influence in the region.


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