SDF finds hundreds of UN aid packages at the headquarters of the Assad militia in Qamishli

April 27, 2021

Media sources close to the Syrian Democratic Forces published pictures showing UN aid packages with the logo of the World Food Program packed in one of the headquarters of the Assad regime militia in the city of Qamishli.

Hawar agency stated that during the combing operation, the internal security forces of the SDF found nearly 1,000 relief aid bearing the logo of the WFP at the Fadel Abdul Aziz Hassan School, located on the eastern side of the Tay neighborhood, which is used by the NDF as its headquarters.

The agency noted that these images prove the Assad regime’s involvement in the theft and misuse of United Nations aid, which was primarily intended for civilians suffering from poor living conditions in its areas of control.

Meanwhile, Russia is making great efforts to close the Bab al-Hawa border crossing, which is the only outlet for humanitarian aid to enter the liberated areas, with the aim of directing the entry of UN aid through the Assad areas only. While the Assad regime is deliberately stealing relief materials to support its collapsing economy, at the expense of civilians who suffer from unbearable deteriorating living conditions.


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