Assad regime violates ceasefire for three consecutive days by shelling civilian areas

For the third consecutive day, Assad’s forces escalated their artillery and missile shelling on the areas of Jabal Al-Zawiya in the southern countryside of Idlib, and some areas in the western countryside of Aleppo, causing civilian casualties.

On Saturday, a girl and a young man were injured as a result of regime forces targeting the village of Arnabah in Jabal al-Zawiya, south of Idlib with heavy artillery fire.

On Sunday, a civilian was killed and another injured as a result of regime forces targeting the town of Ihsim and Mashun in Jabal al-Zawiya, with heavy artillery fire.

On Monday, due to renewed artillery shelling of the villages and towns of Jabal al-Zawiya, two civilians were killed and several others were injured.

The regime forces targeted the town of Balion and Mashoun today in Jabal Al-Zawiya with heavy artillery. This caused the death of a child and injured several civilians. Likewise, other residential areas like Kafr Amma and Kafr Ta’al, in west rural Aleppo, were indiscriminately targeted by the regime but no injuries were reported.

On the other side, the factions of the Fateh al-Mubeen operations room responded to these violations of the ceasefire signed in 2019, by targeting regime positions in the villages of Jubas, Dadikh, and the city of Saraqib, in east rural Idlib with artillery fire.

Children injured as a result of regime forces targeting Ibleen in Jabal al-Zawiyah with heavy artillery – June 8, 2021


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