NLF’s statement about the recent attacks against the liberated areas

National Liberation Front spokesman, Captain Naji al-Mustafa:
The escalation of the Russian occupation and the criminal regime is part of a systematic criminal policy. The bombings were continuous during the past period, they repeatedly targeted civilians that were working on their agricultural lands in Jabal al-Zawiya and the Ghab plain. They have targeted them with guided missiles and armed drones.
The Russian occupation and the Assad regime have repeatedly attempted infiltration into the aforementioned areas during the last period, and the fighting factions were able to thwart these attempts.
We in the National Front respond to all the bombing and military operations. We have targeted military positions of the Russian occupation and the Assad regime located in the coastal region and the southern countryside of Idlib. Locations such as Jorin, Kafranbel, Saraqib, Kawkabah hill, positions in the Ghab plain, and Maarat Mokhas were targeted in response to the massacres committed in the village of Iblin in Jabal al-Zawiya.
13 civilians were martyred and several others were injured. The factions of the revolution targeted important and strategic positions intensively and focused on the positions from which rockets were launched towards the civilian population in the liberated north.


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