European countries secretly restore ties with Assad


A report by The Financial Times reveals secret restoring of ties by certain European countries with the Assad regime.

The Financial Times revealed secrets about the establishment of some European countries’ relations with the Assad regime, despite the sanctions imposed on it by the European Union.

Cyprus is moving into a new embassy in Damascus whereas Serbia plans to send an ambassador there. Although these are small steps with some of the power houses like Germany and France likely not following in the short term, but they saw that such actions by marginal countries weaken the European Union’s position on Assad.

The report pointed out that the Syrian regime exploits and strengthens such relations to gain more legitimacy, which it has lost due to its crimes against the Syrians.

It added that the goal of countries such as Greece, in these relations, is to contain the refugee crisis, by contributing to rebuilding Syria and encouraging Syrian refugees in Turkey to return.

It also indicated that some countries are coordinating with the Assad regime due to the presence of some fighters with their nationalities in Syria, because of having borders with Syria or are concerned about the Turkish presence.

The European Union launched a media platform, a few days ago, to respond to the allegations of the Assad regime that some European countries have secretly normalized their relations with it, and to refute its claims that Western sanctions are responsible for its living crises.


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