Jordan Faces Drug Trafficking Crisis on Borders with Syria

After normalizing relations with Assad recently, Jordan announces drug smuggling concerns on its border with Syria.

Yesterday, Jordanian Foreign Minister, Ayman Safadi, announced that his country is facing issues with illegal drug smuggling on its northern border with Syria.

Safadi mentioned during the annual summit of the Institute for Strategic Studies in Bahrain, “Jordan is not only facing a refugee crisis, but also the challenges of smuggling drugs on a daily basis. Terrorism has been the biggest threat in recent years but now drug smuggling has become the biggest issue.”

He added, “Not a day goes by that we do not come across drugs such as Captagon that enter Jordan (illegally).”

Recently, Jordan’s King Abdullah II made a great effort, with American-Israeli permissions, to normalize with the Assad regime and whitewash its image internationally and especially to the Arab world. This came amid complete silence by international human rights associations and organizations.

The news agency, The Economist, in a recent report, confirmed that the areas under the control of the Assad regime have become a drug state and one of the biggest exporters of Captagon pills globally.

It is worth noting that the regime and Iranian forces are extensively active in smuggling drugs, weapons, etc illegally between their areas of control and the rest of the regions.


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