Idlib Begins Preparations for 11th Anniversary of Revolution

The Spirit of revolution is the air as Syrians all across the liberated areas have begun celebrating 11 years of resisting the Assad Regime and its allies.

Since last week, citizens of the liberated areas, as well as the local authorities, have begun spreading the spirit of it through the slogan “Revolution Until Victory”.

Banners, posters, paintings, as well as revolutionary flags, have been spread out throughout the region reminding people of the years of war, the tyranny of Assad and giving hope to continue revolting against his regime.

Moreover, invitations to join the demonstrations tomorrow at various towns and cities have been posted on different social media platforms.

Tomorrow will mark the 11th anniversary since the war in Syria began where protesters filled the streets of Damascus demanding their freedom and the fall of Assad.

Other regions of Syria were to follow as the peaceful demonstrations soon turned violent when regime forces started shooting and killing the protesters.

That was the beginning of the eleven year long conflict in Syria which has seen tides and turns throughout the period, leading to the situation today.


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