Fathul Mubeen Fighters Execute First Raid of 2023 on Regime Forces

HTS fighters infiltrating Basratun front in West Aleppo /Alaskary Media – Amjad

This morning, HTS fighters from the Abdur Rahman bin Auf brigade conducted a special military operation on the regime forces located at one of their points in Basratun area in the western countryside of Aleppo.

In a statement to the Idlib based Military Media news agency, the commander of the brigade, Muhammad Ahmed Khalifa, said: “The raid aimed to kill everyone who was in that point and destroy it. Thanks to God, over 15 of them were killed and others were wounded.”

The commander had a special message for the Assad regime, mentioning: “Be ready for such raids, we will not rest until we defeat the last of you and liberate Damascus from your abomination – God willing – and what is to come is worse.”

He also had a message to the Syrians in the liberated areas: “We will not let you down, and we are steadfast in the covenant (to continue the revolution and free Syria from the Assad regime). We are not bothered or affected by the statements here or reconciliations there. Rather, we will only negotiate with them with bullets, missiles and rockets.”

Since December last year, fighters from the Fathul Mubeen operations room have stepped up special military operations against the regime forces. The military factions have stated that these operations are a way of “informing the enemy what they think of reconciliation”.


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