Assad Regime Tightens Grip on Personal and Social Life of its Members


The Intelligence Department of the Syrian regime’s army issued a verdict obliging the military, officers, and volunteers to register their social media accounts with the Military Intelligence Division.

Military recruits for the regime said that this also requires them to register the IMEI ID of their mobile phones, along with their phone numbers, their social media accounts, and their emails.

A member of the 7th Division of the regime forces stated: “All officers, representatives, and others in the army are now required to fill out a form with questions about social media accounts, personal email, phone number, and IMEI ID.

This verdict will last for a period of only a month, ending in late April, during which all military institutions must complete collecting all the information.

A soldier in the Air Defense Department mentioned that he had to fill out a form with details of his accounts and phone numbers registered in his name, along with other details, approximately two days ago.

“The soldiers are now obliged to update the same information periodically, especially if we change our phones, numbers, or any of what is required from us,” he added.

The newly introduced system will allow the regime to tighten its grip on its soldiers due to fear of espionage, especially in the military sectors where Iranians are present.


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