Hezbollah fighter in Syria exposes their group of crimes

(AP Photo / Mohammed Zaatari)

Recently, a video of a wounded Hezbollah member named Ali Meshik surfaced in which he challenges Hezbollah’s leadership and talks about his experience with Hezbollah in Syria. He talks about how he found out that theft, killing, and looting are important parts of their modus operandi.

Ali was asked to remain silent due to a mandate from Iranian Supreme Leader Khamenei. He mentioned that he “knows the organization inside and out.”

He addressed his speech to Hezbollah leadership and its Secretary General Hassan Nasrallah, saying, “I was 16 years old when I joined you, and now I am 36. I participated in the Syrian war from 2012 to 2018, and I was injured in 2016, and I have documents confirming that.”

The injured Hezbollah member confirmed that he discovered looting in Qalamoun and elsewhere and tried to report it to the authorities. However, the leader of the Hezbollah group there, Abu Muhammad Adnan, said that it was forbidden by Khamenei’s orders to investigate or discuss these matters.

According to Ali’s testimony, he was then accused, and problems arose between him and the party leadership. He was beaten and even shot and subsequently dismissed.

Ali reported this, “The (main) thieves in Hezbollah are Jaafar Adshit, who was in charge of Unit 13000 after the death of Alaa, Abu Muhammad Adnan Adeedah, Abu Mahdi from Qamatiyya, who is in charge of equipment, and Abu Yusr Yaghi and his brother Yasser.”

“The list of stolen items includes agricultural tractors, trucks, civilian vehicles, bulldozers, laboratories, batteries, TV sets, and even windows and doors. They also smuggled people from Syria to Lebanon,” he added.

Moreover, Ali Musheik said, “The Syrian army even prevented Hezbollah members from entering the Rankous region surrounding Damascus so that their thieves could not steal antiquities there.”


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