Idlib Military Leaders: We couldn’t reach this far without you, the people.

Last night, Idlib-based Elam Askari news agency published an exclusive video regarding the role of the military during the revolution.

It was the first of its kind where the military leaders of the factions – Amer al-Sheikh (Ahrar al-Sham), Abul Hasan al-Hamawi (HTS), and Jameel al-Saleh (Jaish al-Izza) – appeared at the same time.

All three commanders thanked the people of the revolution who adhered to all the trials and difficulties and yet chose to stand by their principles. They reiterated that the military sector would be unable to stand on its own without the people’s support, and after all their (continuous) sacrifices and steadfastness, now they are able to live in a state of peace and security.

Topics regarding the military situation in the liberated areas were mentioned, where Amer al-Sheikh said: “After the last brutal campaign, all the leaders came together to discuss and form a joint-military operations room under one leader.”

HTS military commander, Abul Hasan said: “We came together to organize the frontlines and the battalions with one vision and goal. We have developed our army in different fields, especially through the military college where hundreds of lieutenants graduated recently.”

Developing the military factions from militias to an organized army was one of the main aims that all factions worked towards, and they mentioned it was a “great challenge” for them.

In regards to coordination between the military factions, Jameel al-Saleh stated that “cooperation and coordination between them are at the highest levels currently, and the armies are ready to face any circumstances – defensive or offensive.”

The commanders stressed that reconciliation is never an option, and the only way to deal with the “criminal dictator, the Assad regime” is by force.


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