“We Will Never Reconcile”: The Spirit of the Revolution Remains

From the first days of the peaceful protests in 2011 the slogan of the Syrian revolution has been, “the people want to topple the regime!” Through 12 long years of enduring torture, chemical attacks, imprisonment, displacement, brutal bombing campaigns, and massacres the Syrian people have remained steadfast to their vision of a life free of the ruthless terrorism of Bashar Assad and his allies.

As the Syrian revolution approaches its 12th year of standing up to the oppression of Assad and his allies the people in the liberated territories remain committed to the goals of the revolution and continue on until they are achieved. Dignity, freedom, and a Syria free of Assad.

In the summer of last year, the revolution’s resolve was tested when news spread that the Turkish Foreign Minister Mevlut Cavusoglu suggested that it was time for the free Syrian people to make peace and consider reconciliation with Assad and bringing an end to the years-long conflict.

Once again, as they had over a decade before, the people came out into the streets, all over the liberated north, day and night they let the world know that they would never reconcile. Signs and chants sent clear messages, “We will never reconcile,” “Reconciliation is a betrayal of the Martyrs’ blood and revolution,” and the enduring, “the people want to topple the regime!”

The mere suggestion of reconciliation caused many to openly declare, “we call on the leaders to open the fronts against Assad, to retake our areas and to return the displaced!” The Syrian people agreed that no nation or group would usurp their revolution nor their desire to live in a Syria free of Assad and his oppression.

As the revolution nears its 12th year it can be assured that the people in the liberated areas remain as steadfast and determined today as they did nearly 12 years ago when they took to the streets demanding an end to Assad and vowing to topple his regime. The revolution began, said one activist, because of Assad’s abuse and cruelty to the people, and as his violations to the people have only increased so too has their resolve to be rid of him.



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