Saudi Arabia’s Recent Normalization with Assad Regime Condemned by the Office of Political Affairs

The political affairs management office of the liberated areas of Syria issued a statement on April 14, denouncing Saudi Arabia’s recent move to normalize relations with the Assad regime in Syria.

The statement highlighted how the Syrian regime’s membership in the Arab League was suspended in 2012 due to its loss of legitimacy resulting from brutal repression, killings, and arrests of civilian protesters during the 2011 Syrian revolution.

The statement underscored that in the twelve years since the revolution, the Assad regime has caused the death of nearly a million Syrians, with millions displaced as refugees, and over 150,000 detainees disappeared in Assad’s prisons. The regime has relied on support from Russia and Iran to maintain its rule, granting them economic privileges and shares of Syrian provinces, military institutions, and security agencies loyal to them. This has turned Syria into a proxy war zone, with the Syrian people bearing the brunt of the consequences.

It also highlighted Iran’s role in the region, sending mercenaries to Syria and distorting Syrian identity, culture, and beliefs under the pretext of defending shrines and holy sites. Furthermore, it has recalled how Saudi Arabia had supported the revolution politically, humanitarianly and militarily in the past.

Any calls for normalization with the criminal regime of Assad are condemned by the political office, and Saudi Arabia is urged to uphold its role in the Arab region by supporting the demands of the Syrian people and confronting Iran directly to safeguard the identity of the Sunni Arab region and respond to the people’s demands for stability and security.

It expressed appreciation to those countries that have supported the demands of the Syrian people and rejected normalization with the Assad regime, stating that the solidarity shown by these countries with their ethical positions remains unwavering. It concluded by reaffirming the commitment of the Syrian revolution to persist, despite changing positions and interests, as its people remain dedicated to the cause of freedom, justice, and dignity.



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