SDF Rejects US Plan to Control Syrian Borders


Kurdish sources have confirmed that the Syrian Democratic Forces (SDF) have rejected a plan proposed by the United States to control Syria’s borders with Jordan and Iraq using a force comprised of Arab tribes.

According to the Basnews news agency, the American forces have devised a plan to gain control over the borders and counter Iranian militias by forming groups of Arab clans in the eastern Euphrates region.

The sources explain that the proposed formation would include the al-Sanadid Forces, which are affiliated with the SDF, as well as the al-Raqqa Revolutionaries and the Free Syrian Army stationed in the al-Tanf region.

Reportedly, the US forces have initiated this project to control the border areas with Iraq and Jordan in order to counter Iranian influence.

The SDF’s refusal to participate in this plan is attributed to their close relationship with Tehran through the Kurdistan Workers’ Party (PKK), according to the sources.

Additionally, it is confirmed that the SDF cannot make a decision to participate without consulting the leadership of the PKK located in Mount Qandil in northern Iraq.

This is because any military confrontation with Iranian militias in Syria would have consequences for the PKK, which receives support from Iran and the Iraqi Hashd militias in Iraq and Syria.

The American plan comes in response to reports suggesting that the Syrian regime, Russia, and Iran are preparing to launch a new phase of attacks against US forces in Syria.

Intelligence officials and leaked classified documents have revealed that Iran and its allies are equipping and training their forces to use potent armor-piercing roadside bombs to target US military vehicles and personnel.

The Washington Post has verified that it obtained secret intelligence reports pointing to Iran’s plans for these attacks.

These attacks would represent an escalation of Iran’s longstanding campaign of utilizing proxy militias to launch missile and drone strikes on US forces in Syria.


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