Idlib City Gears Up for the Third Annual Book Fair

Credit: (Social Media / Idlib Book Fair 2023)

In an effort to promote literature, education, and the love for reading among the local population, the Syrian Salvation Government’s (SSG) Department of Political Affairs and Directorate of Culture have been diligently organizing the third annual book fair in northern Syria. The event is set to take place in the charming venue of Kitap Café, a cafe and library highly popular among the city’s students, which also hosted last year’s successful fair.

The fair promises to be a literary extravaganza, featuring an impressive collection of 75,000 titles covering a diverse range of topics. Attendees can expect books on Islamic and Quranic disciplines like hadith, fiqh, and aqeedah, as well as offerings in history, biographies, linguistics, literature, poetry, political science, law, psychology, philosophy, medicine, physiology, administrative sciences, education, fiction, and a variety of children’s books aimed at nurturing early literacy in young readers.

With the aim of fostering a passion for literature, writing, and reading, the event will showcase lectures, readings, and art presentations designed to make literary fields more accessible and inviting to the public. The fair also seeks to familiarize attendees with local libraries and authors, making knowledge and creativity more attainable for all.

Alongside the vast collection of books, the fair will feature book signings and engaging lectures by renowned authors and luminaries in the literary world. Among this year’s exciting talks are seminars focusing on the influence of intellectual literary pursuits on society and discussions about the historical context of social issues titled, “Historical Illuminations.”

The event is scheduled to commence tomorrow with a captivating lecture titled, “The Art of Writing and Authoring,” presented by esteemed writers Dr. Abdul Rahman Nammous and Dr. Muhammad Maznouk, who is renowned for his work, “Post Traumatic Growth.”

Such events serve as an opportunity to strengthen the community, highlight the achievements of educators and authors in the liberated area, and raise awareness about the importance of critical thinking and mental stimulation through writing and reading. This book fair emphasizes that education and learning can be enjoyable experiences, extending beyond the confines of traditional classrooms and universities.


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