Leaked German Report Highlights Catastrophic Humanitarian Situation in Syria

Credit: (Cineberg Ug / Dreamstime.com)

A leaked report reportedly originating from the German Foreign Ministry has shed light on the alarming state of affairs in Syria, emphasizing the dire humanitarian situation and raising concerns over the safe repatriation of Syrian refugees to their home country.

Intended for internal use by the Federal Office for Migration and administrative courts, these documents have been designed to offer guidance to the German government in assessing the credibility of asylum applications and determining protected status for Syrians.

The findings of the ministry reveal a distressing pattern of arbitrary arrests and mistreatment of detainees by the Assad regime. Moreover, the report emphasizes that the regime, along with its allies, has not halted the indiscriminate killing of Syrian civilians.

According to the leaked report, numerous factors have contributed to the exacerbation of the already severe humanitarian crisis in Syria. Notably, the risk of famine looms large as food insecurity remains persistent, and an alarming 90% of the population lives below the poverty line.

Despite overwhelming evidence illustrating the absence of safety, security, and stability in Syria, several countries persist in advocating for the repatriation of Syrian refugees. However, such a move would undeniably subject these individuals and their families to grave risks of harm or even death.


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